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F. A. I. T. H.
now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen
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25th-Nov-2008 11:27 am - goodbye livejournal

I've moved.. find me at http://and-then-the-music-plays.blogspot.com =)

17th-Nov-2008 05:37 am(no subject)
know what?

I still believe..

dreams are possible
love exists

and that life is too short to be spent it this way
19th-Aug-2008 04:02 am(no subject)
This entry is for that someone who complained about my lack of entries. =)

Met Jean for service recently. Quoted from GErshon by her.. He said : "We are suppose to build boundaries, and boundaries mean fences, not walls" I find that so funny, yet so true. For people like us.. we think so much it is so easy to get to the extreme.

Before i can even be involved and ask about their student life, the current batch are already graduating from SOT. CONGRATULATION!!! =D
For someone who can't even commit to making her bed on a daily basis, I admire the perseverance and love they own. Want you all to know i'm so proud of all of you. =)

Just for updates:

My handphone was spoilt recently, sent it for repair and all the stuffs of sentimental value inside. *sigh*

My computer is going to be spoilt soon, i cannot even do backups now.

That's about all i will reveal on a public entry.. for now =P anything else text me lah.. i don't usually bite. (though i'm known for my bad temper at work)

11th-Jun-2008 07:30 am(no subject)
I dunno where to start. So many has happened. 

When you no longer fit in, what do you do? 
What do you do when you sit in a year4 lecture with the brains set at year1? Do you catch up? pursue.. or let go. Do you know the feeling? It sucks.

Everyone has their own piece of sky. I wonder if this is mine to begin with. 

Perhaps somewhere out there has a better pasture. One where i can be free and happy.
Or perhaps this is only temporal when you just cant see the big o picture. 

I havent been happier than i been. But i have been feeling worse than ever. 
Can i talk to you about it? It just isnt relevant my dears. What kind of glasses would you see me through? 
Or.. perhaps it is just my tinted opinion here. 

Still, you cant argue against the obvious. Can you? I cannot anymore. 
A part of me yearns for something more real.
A part of me just cldnt bear to let go.. yet. 
Am i just plain self-centered?

Will i find You at the other end? 
Or will i be lost like it was said to be. 

Either way. Im sorry im not who you think i could be. Or will be. Or am.

Take me for me. I cant conform. Tried and it was miserable. Else why does He bothers creating another me?

There is so much more to life than what they offered. And i wanna take the plunge. Because deep down inside.. i know.. i guess.. this isnt it. Something is amiss. Am i the only one feeling this way? Trust me, i thought something wrong with me. A million times over. 

But unless you been true to yourself, your life has been a lie. 

Though, being a million miles away from Him.. and closer to humanity.. lol. i know He still watches over me. Love You still. *hugs*
20th-Apr-2008 07:27 am - gluttony personified.
I finally went jogging! Not sure if this is again a one-time spike in enthusiasm. After the 7583621th commented that i've put on weight. Hai. I dont usually care. Not until i hear it on a daily basis from black, white, yellow people altogether. 

And i really love to eat KFC later. And vinegar pig's trotter. Or McDonald's McGriddles breakfast. Not forgetting Old Chang Kee's chicken wings. =D~

We played games for a living.. well used to, but still not quite.

15th-Apr-2008 05:21 am(no subject)

The 3% who has specific goals can easily out perform the other 97% combined. This has been a well established fact. 

But am i too old to say I do not know what I want in life? 

Because you have so much that i admire about, with you, because of that, i am unable to see much good in myself. What the heck.

Just because i have yet know how to say no doesnt mean that you've scored. One day, i will find my way to voice it all out, and when that day comes, i hope it wont be too late. 

Slipping in and out of my own world so easily. Im looking for the world's strongest nail to fix my mind and body in one place.

27th-Mar-2008 04:25 am(no subject)
Once in a while i will stay up without sleep. 

Once in a while i will remember to live my life for my precious ones

Once in a while i will find inspiration to get my work done.

Once in a while i will message all my dear friends.

Once in a while i will hide away.

Ignore all calls and smses.

Sleep all day long.

Once in a while i will remember God called us to faithfulness, not success.

Just once in a while.
16th-Mar-2008 05:16 am(no subject)
7th-Mar-2008 12:34 am(no subject)
It's really much easier to conceive a thought 
Than to carry it out

To bring closer the gap between those two, do we
Do lesser, or
Think lesser

Somewhere between those two lines, confidence is lost

Only have that one resolution this year
Hope it won't fall through.

Thomas Fuller -
He does not believe that does not live according to his belief
25th-Feb-2008 02:17 am - so loooooooveeeeddd!

thank you so much for all the birthday wishes! made me feel so happy. =D 
i will be back soon!!

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